I’m a creative professional. I draw for a living. I’m a freelancer, so I do work for whoever happens to be paying me on that job, whether it’s an individual, a government authority, a publisher or a company. It’s the most fantastic job ever and I love it, but it’s unstable and I’m not very wealthy. I do not support SOPA or PIPA or anything that infringes people’s rights or freedom of speech. Like most of the people who actually make the stuff you enjoy rather than just the distributors, I value individual freedom of expression and I do my job because I want to share fun things with people, not because I want money or power. I’m just a lady who really, really likes to draw, ok?

I notice that Anonymous have come up with a face-palming plan where nobody buys anything at all for a month. Wow guys, very well thought out there. This is a dreadful blanket-policy idea that shows no understanding of how the creative industry works and punishes even the majority of us art monkeys who don’t like SOPA at all! Then my friend, a freelance Concept Artist linked me to this:


Now isn’t that an idea? Isn’t this something you can get behind? Let me just point out some reasons this is great:

1. You benefit. You, as the readers/viewers would get to have made the comic, game, book or show you want. If you all wanted a book about…whatever! Like a realistically proportioned¬† bisexual superheroine who rides a dinosaur and fights the vampire mafia, you could gather together a group of mates on a forum, all pledge a bit of money, find a creator or team (or even assemble your dream team yourselves by cherrypicking different freelancers. Imagine if you could hire your favourite fic writer, your favourite member of the mspa music team, your favourite DA artist and your favourite indie games programmer and have them make a game!) you really like and pay them to make you this as a comic or whatever. So long as the money was provided, the series would not be abruptly cancelled or get stuck in development hell (don’t you just hate when that happens!?).

2. I benefit. I’d have the chance to make something with my own characters, or at least characters I can have some creative control of, instead of feeling resigned that most of my comics work will be about franchises (some of which I think are cool and wouldn’t mind working with, others… I just do to pay the bills). I would not have to worry about something I’m working on being abruptly cancelled. Oh and…I’d get more money. Yes. It would cost you less and I’d get more money, why would I ever object to this!?

I am fully in support of this idea, and I know a bunch of artists, writers and games makers who would be willing to work to this business model. We’re right here and we want your business and don’t want to screw you over or take your rights away. You pay us and your wish is our command! So, put your heads together on forums and social network sites, and next time you and your mates say ‘aw man, I wish somebody would make that; it’d be so cool!’ try getting a bunch of people together, each pay a few dollars and find a little independent group or company or an artist and we’ll make it happen! Paul Duffield of ‘Freakangels’ fame is already doing this with The Firelight Ilse, so please check that out and lend some support because Duffs is a super awesome guy.

PLEASE spread the news around! Reblog from the rooftops! Let’s do this. Let’s make it happen! Screw being Legion! Let’s be individuals!

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